George H.W. Bush and the attempted assassination of Reagan: CIA source corroborates Roger Stone story

In Roger Stone’s book Jeb! and The Bush Crime Family, and in an interview with Rich Zeoli of 1210 WPHT, Roger Stone states he believes George H.W. Bush was behind the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan, because Reagan was detrimental to Bush’s goal of furthering a one world government:

“Al Haig, Reagan’s Secretary of State and Vice President George Bush are fighting over control of foreign policy. George ‘Poppy’ Bush is for the ‘New World Order.’ Haig has the quaint notion that he’s Reagan’s man. This is supposed to be Reagan’s foreign policy, more conservative than what Bush wants. There are two different executive orders sitting on Reagan’s desk. One giving authority to Haig. One giving authority to Bush…Then there’s an assassination attempt on Reagan and he comes back, three days into his hospital stay he signs the order putting George Bush in charge of the machinery.”

The CIA contractor who provided valuable insight on Vance Mills, Jimmy Renfro, Johnny Asher, the Shacklefords and other players in the Bluegrass Conspiracy, knew President Reagan personally. In our March 2019 conversation, he told me this story about Reagan’s assassination:

“I was on Reagan’s task force, I was on a senatorial advisory board, under Reagan. I know too much…I know so much, you know how much I know right now, it’s just a fraction of what I know.

“At Scripps is where they program and reprogram all CIA agents in California, and that’s where they reprogrammed Reagan.

“Now you know that H.W. Bush was at Hinckley’s father’s home when Reagan was shot, don’t you? It’s not real common [knowledge] but it was pretty well known…

“I was flying from Dulles to…Knoxville and I was talking to an engineer, and we landed at either Memphis or Nashville, and the plane had just set down, and I was talking to this engineer who was building that Nissin plant there, we were having a friendly conversation, and the nose of the plane sat down and the pilot came on and said ‘Reagan has just been assassinated. Reagan’s been shot.’ And my first words were, ‘That S.O.B.!’

“That engineer climbed up and hit me. I grabbed ahold of him and said ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute.’ He said, ‘Nobody calls Reagan an S.O.B.’ I said ‘I’m not talking about Reagan. I’m talking about Bush.’ It was common knowledge through The Group [that Bush wanted Reagan gone].

“They had to break it up, the stewardesses. That engineer wanted to do me in. So anyway, when we got to Knoxville, if I remember right it was the Knoxville Sentinel newspaper and they had what I’m telling you on the headline of the paper [that H.W. Bush was at Hinckley’s father’s home when Reagan was shot].

“Baker then picked all those newspapers, he had the governor told, he said ‘Pick up all those newspapers.’

“Reagan, he was put in Scripps; that was where they could program or reprogram. You know the stress of CIA agents, if you can’t make it back in society you don’t see the light of day. It’s like our troops coming back from Iraq and stuff like that: they’ll get rid of you or else you do what they want you to.”

The attempt on Reagan’s life symbolized a transfer of power, thrusting America and the world closer to the goal of a one world government.

It was around this same time period, the 1980s, that I believe an acquisition of the secret facilities at Cumberland Gap became an important part of their plan.

Happily ever after: Betty Carnes and Vance Mills- fake deaths, fresh start?

In an interview given to Partin’s attorney Clay Bedford, one of Betty Carnes’ coworkers gives a glimpse into Betty’s romantic life in the days leading up to her disappearance:

“‘There’s a man that I’ve went out with a couple of times that his wife–might have found out,’ and [Betty] said, ‘I think maybe she might’ve put that out there wrote that on there’ but [Betty] said ‘I don’t know’–”

Betty had a new boyfriend.

“But she didn’t name no names.”

Was that boyfriend Vance Mills?

Vance and Betty surely would have known each other, given Betty and Judy Smith’s close friendship, and the fact Judy’s husband Donnie was dealing the drugs Vance was regularly flying in from Mexico.

A “cast of characters” drawn up by another of Betty’s coworkers discussed Betty and Judy’s friendship:

Were Betty and Judy flying to their exotic shopping destinations via Vance Mills’ “Friendly Skies”? Remember, Vance was the owner of two aircraft: an MU-2 jet and a twin engine Cessna:


We know Vance was married. Vance was not a faithful husband. He enjoyed the company of other women. It earned him a sexual harassment suit at one point. And most knew about his longtime girlfriend, C. B.

A person with ties to Vance’s long term girlfriend disclosed she was often harassed and mentally tortured by a member of Vance’s family. More than once, Vance had to replace the girlfriend’s car when the family member’s jealous rage was expressed without restraint upon the vehicle.

It sounds reminiscent of the problems Betty had started having: her car was vandalized more than once. Harassing ads had been placed in the newspaper. She started receiving upsetting, anonymous typed letters.

A new, mysterious boyfriend. The flights to exotic shopping locales. Another work friend mentioned how Betty seemed to have more money than what her job could afford her. Vance was a millionaire; Betty was already running in his circle. It is not a stretch to ask if they became involved.

A year and a half after Betty’s disappearance, on the evening of April 28, 1995, Vance Mills was allegedly killed in a car wreck . Jimmy Renfro, Vance’s close friend and business partner, was the driver. There is a reason I say “allegedly killed:” if evidence points that Betty Carnes could not have been the body in the barrel at Tremco, who’s to say that was really Vance Mills in that car wreck? Bodies were plentiful when you were involved in the nursing home business, and your friends owned nursing homes and funeral parlors, too.

I find the wreck suspicious. Why was Jimmy driving Vance’s car? More importantly, why does the social security death index list Vance’s date of death the 15th of April, thirteen days before the actual wreck that was supposed to have claimed his life?

This many “errors” surrounding the deaths of both Vance Mills and Betty Carnes seems unlikely and suspicious.(See “Depraved Indifference Part 2: the autopsy of Betty Carnes- or was it?”) Imagine being in neck-deep with the cartel, and you discover one of your partners (Donnie Baker) had turned on you and was now working with Tom Handy (the full capacity in which Donnie Baker was partnering with Handy is not known, but sources indicate a link between the Handy household and Baker’s illegal enterprises.)

How far might someone go to start a new life, on a new continent, with a new love, surrounded by sea and sun instead of prison bars, or worse, six feet of cold dirt?


Casolaro’s Octopus, The Kings, and the Cumberland Gap Conspiracy

The ties may be innocuous, meaningful, or in some cases, may not exist at all. These diagrams are for your further research.

Here is my blog post about the nitrogen/hydrogen plant I think is hidden in the mountain at Cumberland Gap. 


The Rats Nest- or Arm of the Octopus?


The final chapter of the Incredible Disappearing Nuclear Reactors of Phipps Bend

Every once in a great while I’ll come across research that finally makes things in my brain go ‘click’.

Even more so, 5 years since starting this blog, the things I wrote about at the start are coming back full circle, topics I originally considered separate subjects of discussion, now actually all look like part of a big picture: a picture of deceit, corruption, violence and servitude perpetrated on the American people by the very people sworn to protect them.

It’s been a long time since I wrote about those disappearing Phipps Bend nuclear reactor pressure vessels, their final destination most likely to remain unknown. In fact, I hadn’t thought of them in a long while, until I found author Rodney Stich and read an excerpt from his book, Defrauding America-Dirty Secrets of the CIA and other Government Operations.

There is a section of this book with the heading, “Brand New Aircraft and Tanks Sold as Scrap, Unlawfully Shipped Overseas by the CIA.” Excerpts of this section read as follows:

One of the schemes involved the sale of brand-new aircraft and tanks by defense industries to CIA proprietaries, which were then shipped to foreign countries, both friendly and unfriendly. Mixed in to the convoluted operations were drug trafficking, arms dealing, money laundering and looting of America's financial assets...

The scheme involving new fighter aircraft involved McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation and General Dynamics. When the CIA needed aircraft (or tanks) for delivery, and sale, to a foreign country that was barred by U.S. law, the aircraft would be sent as scrap to National Steel and Granite City Steel. (The same was done with new tanks.) This "scrap" was then shipped, or flown, to foreign countries, including Libya and others who were publicly considered to be enemies of the United States. 

Now this passage really rang a bell with me, because the only official documentation I could find on the demise of those reactor pressure vessels was a letter from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) discussing salvage operations for one pressure vessel with a government contractor, Dewberry and Davis.

It’s clear Phipps Bend Joint Venture and Dewberry and Davis were middlemen for the sale of that missing nuclear reactor pressure vessel from Phipps Bend.

I do not believe that pressure vessel was empty. It weighed almost three times what a pressure vessel should weigh.

The Index Journal from South Carolina writes about a similar nuclear pressure vessel that went to the nuclear facility in Barnwell, SC. The May 7, 1997 article stated its weight, which did not include any radioactive parts, and was filled with 80 tons of concrete, was only 365 tons:


The mysteriously vanished pressure vessel in Phipps Bend weighed 2.83 times what a pressure vessel (filled with concrete!) should weigh. What the heck was inside that pressure vessel making it so damn heavy?

I previously talked about Dewberry and Davis’ involvement in building massive spec buildings at the Phipps Bend site as well as at nearby Rogersville during this time period. Chris Umberger says he has no idea what happened to the pressure vessel. Consider Claude Cain, the contractor Umberger worked with while employed at Dewberry and Davis, and Cain’s interesting background…he was a lot more than just an ordinary construction company:

Once this brand new nuclear reactor pressure vessel fell into Dewberry and Davis’ hands, it vanished. Much like the defense industry’s aircraft and tanks discussed in Defrauding America by Rodney Stich, deemed “scrap” and sent to salvage yards only to end up in America’s enemies’ hands, via CIA proprietaries.

Someone knows what happened to that pressure vessel and the contents inside it. I can only theorize the massive building built at Phipps Bend by Claude Cain and overseen by Umberger, was used to covertly remove whatever contents were inside the vessel and dismantle the unit for shipping to its new owner, most likely a foreign government, alliance to the United States unknown, and if history serves as any teacher, an alliance that will always be subject to change. In my opinion, this could only have been accomplished with the support of the CIA, its contractors and front companies.

I can smell a spook from a mile away: this Phipps Bend debacle reeks of more CIA fraud perpetrated on America.

Did they assist a foreign country in becoming a nuclear superpower we don’t even know about yet?


The CIA in southeast Kentucky: paying for your loved ones’ squeal

Some of you may remember the crack cocaine epidemic bequeathed to the city of Los Angeles during the 1980s by the Central Intelligence Agency, exposed by Gary Webb in his series, Dark Alliance. You can read more about this fascinating story here.

The same thing was happening on the other side of the United States, in St. Louis and Detroit, thanks to organized crime centered in and around London, KY.  The CIA was monopolizing on addiction and using the proceeds to fund covert wars in places like Cuba, Nicaragua, and southeast Asia. Little did Gary Webb realize, the coal conspirators he wrote about in eastern Kentucky in his “Coal Connection” articles, would ultimately fuel the same drug epidemic in Detroit and St. Louis that he found in Los Angeles, and wrote about in “Dark Alliance.” The Kentucky alliance still involved coal conspiracies, but now different contraband: instead of stolen bulldozers and strippers, it was pot, cocaine, quaaludes, and weapons.

Octavio Pino was a Cuban national who had relocated from Miami to southeast Kentucky when he was arrested by the feds along with 12 others for drug trafficking in the early ’80s. The October 10, 1982 issue of the Corbin Times Tribune states, “The 13 were arrested…during simultaneous drug raids in Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan and California. The FBI charges that Pino set up a bogus coal company in London as a front for the drug operation.”

A February 13, 1983 article printed in the Corbin Times Tribune illustrates the impact this criminal outfit had on the streets of Detroit:

Records of the [front] company did not reflect any coal-related business, the FBI said. A Detroit television station sent an investigative news team to London shortly thereafter because the London based operation was believed to be a major supplier of cocaine to the Detroit area, according to the news director of the station.

Then there is this 1983 excerpt from Vance Mills’ FBI file stating, “captioned suspects are significant traffickers with impact of southeastern Kentucky area as well as the area of St. Louis, Missouri.”

The CIA aspect of these alliances make this tale so sick, so twisted, most Americans are unwilling to believe their government could take part in something so heinous. Gary Webb’s “Coal Connection” had morphed into the Bluegrass State’s own twisted “Dark Alliance,” except instead of decimating the streets of Los Angeles, these rats from the Commonwealth infected St. Louis and Detroit with their poison, not to mention east Tennessee and southwest Virginia.

When I asked my confidential source (mentioned earlier) if Jimmy Renfro was CIA, he paused for a moment then said, “Well, knowing Jimmy….” letting his voice trail off. He then divulged his own work as a contractor for the CIA. I find his non-committal answer concerning Jimmy Renfro a good reason to believe Renfro was a CIA asset, but that is just a very educated guess.

Could Octavio Pino also have been a CIA asset? I often find myself wandering back to David Beiter’s WORMSCAN files and marvel at his ability to log an incredible amount of information concerning Kentucky corruption into one easily searchable place, found here.  David Beiter was clearly fearless. He deserves much credit for the WORMSCAN files compilation.

One of his logs reads as follows:

871100, "The Contra-Drug Connection", The Christic Institute, 1324 North Capitol Street, NW, Wash DC 20002. (202)797-8106. $2. 12p. Extensive documentation associates several of Oliver North's team with large-scale drug trafficking to finance covert wars in Cuba, Southeast Asia, and Central America, for over two decades.

Pino was a Cuban national intimately involved in the smuggling of narcotics from Columbia to the United States, something which he had already been busted for in the early 1970s. It is a legitimate question to ask if Pino’s activities (and Mills’ and Renfro’s) were being backed by the CIA at the time.

A March 20, 1983 Times-Tribune article states:

“Fifteen people originally were charged in the FBI breakup of an alleged interstate drug [ring] operating out of London in 1981 and 1982. Gill, senior resident agent in the London FBI office, said the investigation of the drug ring began in September 1981 on an informant’s tip. After an initial investigation at the London-Corbin airport, Gill said they realized the investigation ‘would be a sensitive matter in the community.‘”

Just like Barry Seal and Drew Thornton’s ties to the CIA, the FBI states Vance Mills and his pilot (most likely referring to Johnny Martin) “appear to have access to otherwise confidential information through the various airports that he frequents…” and a Corbin Times Tribune article from September of 1982 states, “‘Pino and other Cubans were flying in and out of the London, Ky., airport to and from distant locations on odd and erratic schedules using high performance aircraft.’ The document said those flights were conducted without clearance by the Federal Aviation Administration.”

Classic CIA. Inslaw’s Promis software. These fellows had advance knowledge of law enforcement operations occurring at any given airport. These are not your run-of-the-mill drug traffickers. They had intelligence available to them only law enforcement could provide.

What if I told you this same criminal ring would eventually be tied to another software program containing all locations of all pharmaceutical shipments from manufacturer, to shipper, to warehouse, to end user, all in real- time? Are you finally starting to understand the truth of who has been in control of your law enforcement and courts for over forty years or more? Do you recognize those persons responsible for the scourge of drug-fueled misery hoisted upon your kids and community?

The following excerpt is from my own personal journal detailing an encounter that happened to me at the Shell gas station on Cumberland Avenue in Middlesboro back in the winter of 2014. While the area intrigued me, I had not yet started this blog, or any research into the topics mentioned in it. I was comparatively new to the area, only having lived here a couple of years. The conversation was interesting enough I wrote it down. I had no idea how glad I would be later that I did:

A man comes in to pay for his gas. He is wearing a flight jacket that says "P38 ICE PLANE LOST SQUADRON" and I say, "Oh, are you one of the ice plane guys?" He smiled and said, no, he got the jacket off a good friend, (redacted). Then he mentioned he was a pilot and that he flew search and rescue for the Air Corps, and was also in the military. He said he was so young when he went to get in the military he had to get his father's permission. His dad said, " You can go if you want to, but don't call me to come get you out." When he got out of the service, he said, "They wanted me to go into the CIA." Of course I said, "What did you say?" He just smiled and didn't answer. So I finally said, "You can't tell me, can you?" He just smiled again. When he was telling me about his flying experience he said he could fly anything but a jet.

This encounter bolsters my belief the CIA has been widely active in southeast Kentucky for decades, most likely because of the efficacy of which they operate thanks to corrupt law enforcement, courts, business leaders, and a largely drug-addicted and therefore apathy-induced populace.