I was visited…

I’m almost certain one of the former officials I’ve been researching, writing about and criticizing, came to my hometown last December. He was waiting for me outside a grocery store, leaning on the car next to mine with his arms crossed, with the faintest hint of a smile.

He wished me “Merry Christmas.”

I was carrying a couple bags of groceries that took a few seconds to throw in my trunk. He was gone by the time I slipped behind the wheel.

I knew the experience was out of place, but it wasn’t until a short time later I realized he strongly resembled one of the men I’ve studied in newspaper articles and on websites, trying to piece together the deep and longstanding corruption within the southeast Kentucky justice system.

You don’t expect someone you’ve examined from afar to show up in a Kroger parking lot, waiting for you. He was uncannily fit for his age. His appearance, impeccable. Quite congenial in his greeting, he clearly had no fear coming face to face with me.

I too, exhibited no fear at the time because:

1. off-the-wall stuff has been happening to me for years now, and while I can pick up on it in a second, I’ve become a little desensitized to it and,

2. it just didn’t dawn on me until I left the parking lot who the man appeared to be.

It unnerved me. (I loathe saying that.) I basically put my whole blog on “unpublished” status over it. I’m trying to get the courage to repost all the posts.

Two quotes I have about ‘fear’ on my refrigerator:

  1. “What you are afraid to do, is a clear indication of the next thing you must do.”
  2. “Fear is wisdom in the face of danger.”

Any courage you can will my way, I deeply appreciate. Thanks for reading and sticking around.