Allegation: Kentucky State Police and FBI perpetuate fraud by lying about “joint investigation”

Did Special Agent John Gill perjure himself to protect a Commonwealth Attorney’s involvement in drug trafficking?

The following are excerpts from a series of emails and correspondence regarding a records request made to KSP regarding the 1982 trafficking case discussed here: “Organized crime finds a home at Tom Handy’s hotels.”

Excerpt from court transcript

Newspaper article included with request
KSP response to Open Records Request regarding Pino-Cox et al case

The twenty seven pages provided by KSP concerning this alleged 11-month investigation were the UORs, or, Uniform Offense Reports from the day of the raids/arrests (September 18, 1982) and UORs from dates following the arrests. There were no documents found concerning this investigation prior to September 18, 1982.

The following are examples of the UORs provided in response to the records request:

Each defendant in this case has corresponding UORs like the above. But KSP was unable to locate any records from before the date the search warrants were executed, leading to the question: did FBI agent John Gill lie about KSP’s involvement?

Official appeal to the Office of the Attorney General:

Exhibits A and B are the second and third documents above (court transcript and newspaper article showing KSP were supposed to have been involved in investigation for almost a year).

The search warrant that is never served on Tom Handy’s friend:

Tom Handy’s friend who was able to avoid being served the signed search warrant?

He has friends in interesting places:

Exhibits E and F: under oath, FBI Agent John Gill conceals Tom Handy as the owner of the hotel where so much drug activity took place the judge called the hotel “the headquarters” of the drug ring:

and here, another opportunity to give the very pertinent information that a Commonwealth Attorney owned the hotel:

Daniel Cameron, Tom Handy and Mitch McConnell: can two bad apples spoil the third?

Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General whose office received the above records request appeal, is now running for Kentucky governor. He has been endorsed by Tom Handy and is a close friend (and former legal counsel) of Mitch McConnell (see video about McConnell’s involvement with this very drug ring here.)

Knox and Laurel Counties Kentucky: where criminals are commended and the innocent are condemned

The following was submitted by guest JurisDoctorate as a response to the article, “Rooted in corruption: the early days of Tom Handy, former Commonwealth Attorney of Knox, Laurel counties.” Eloquent and eye-opening, I decided the comment deserves its own dedicated page on this blog. 

The most horrifying aspect of the entire kangaroo court system in Knox/Laurel Counties, is that Tom Handy railroaded defendants for over two decades and got away with it. The number of convictions overturned by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, the Kentucky Supreme Court and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals — convictions procured by Tom Handy’s office between the late 1970s and the late 1990s — is both bewildering and disturbing. Just as the OP documented and outlined in the above story, many convictions were overturned due to egregious due process violations, fabricated or altered evidence, perjury on the part of the Commonwealth’s witnesses, failure to disclose exculpatory evidence to the defense (“Brady” violations), jury tampering, and blatant lies told by Tom Handy, Jimmy Phelps, Johnny Phelps, KSP troopers and other agents for the Commonwealth, while under oath. Any other prosecutor in any other jurisdiction would almost certainly have been disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct and prosecuted for repeatedly perpetrating fraud upon the judiciary in order to railroad criminal defendants of whom the Commonwealth knew were innocent. If the 27th Judicial Circuit (Knox & Laurel Counties) is not the most corrupt and nepotistic jurisdiction in the entire country, I would be hard-pressed to conceive of a scenario where corruption was more abundant.

Tom Handy’s tenure as Commonwealth’s Attorney and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney is only the tiny tip of the proverbial iceberg. Laurel County now has a jailer who, since being elected into office, has made several millions of dollars by selling electronic cigarettes to inmates. Jailer Jamie Mosley owns Crossbar Electronic Cigarettes, a very lucrative company that manufactures and sells special safety designed electronic cigarettes to jails and prisons throughout the United States. That fact is not problematic in and of itself — it’s the manner in which Jailer Mosley founded and established his multimillion dollar business. Indeed, he started by selling his patented e-cigs to the inmates at the Laurel County Jail — the same jail he was elected to supervise and operate.

Federal and state laws are very clear that a genuine conflict of interest ensues when an elected jailer — who is paid by the county fiscal court — conducts business in a manner where financial gain is being obtained by way of the jailer’s official office. It’s double dipping first and foremost — running a profitable business while conducting the duties for which he is being paid by the good taxpayers. It would be no different than a KSP trooper working as security personnel for a business while on the clock at the KSP post. So, when this conflict of interest came to light and taxpayers began making inquiries into the legal and ethical standpoints of the matter, guess what Jailer Mosley posits to alleviate himself of criminal culpability and malfeasance of office? He did what any good Laurel County politician would do — he told a bold face lie, stating that it was his wife, not he, who owned and operated Crossbar Cigarettes.

By selling e-cigs for a couple of years to the inmates of the jail he was elected to supervise, as well as other county jails in Kentucky, Jamie Mosley’s entrepreneurship paid off and he was able to build the company into the very successful multimillion dollar business it is today. In 2018 alone, for instance, CrossBar profited more than $3.5 million bucks. And he built his foundation while being paid by the taxpayers of Laurel County. Incredibly, he continues to get away with it.

I should also mention the elected Sheriff of Laurel County, Mr. John Root. A more corrupt sheriff there has never been. Sheriff Root likewise profits while on the taxpayers’ dime. For example, he allows several local businesses in Laurel County to own and operate illegal gambling machines, AKA “poker machines”… for a modest fee of course. Proprietors of these small stores are given very clear directives regarding the financial arrangement for being allowed to operate. The Sheriff’s office hosts fundraisers and benefit events throughout the year for a colorful variety of “good causes.” Store owners who operate these poker machines are strongly encouraged to be forthcoming with modest donations to these good causes. In turn, they receive promises that law enforcement will turn a blind eye to the illegal gambling and will not make on-duty appearances at the businesses just as long as the riffraff doesn’t get out of hand. No obvious drug trafficking in the parking lot; no prostitutes being obvious with their goods and services; no public drunkenness to a degree where fights start breaking out; and, of course, free coffee and donuts for the boys in blue. After all, these officers are promoting “good causes” in the community.

These rules apply equally to poker rooms and cockfighting establishments. However, Sheriff Root has recently drawn unwanted attention from some of the more prominent animal rights organizations such as SHARK (SHOWING ANIMALS RESPECT AND KINDNESS), a group which is very active in investigating and trying to shut down venues where cockfights are held, as well as taking steps to have the venue owners arrested and prosecuted. Check out YouTube by searching for the keywords “SHARK,” “Supersheriff John Root” and “Cockfighting.” This group has put a rather intense spotlight on much of the corruption occurring in Laurel County.

To cover even a scintilla of the nepotism, cronyism and public corruption occurring in Laurel and Knox Counties, I would need to pen several chapters of a robust manuscript. Some occurrences are so baffling to believe that they sound like works of fiction. Moreover, I’m so paranoid posting this reply that I have taken steps to spoof my IP address and encrypt all my internet traffic by routing it through a foreign VPN server.

The politicians in the 27th Judicial Circuit would do well to employ caution in their everyday dealings and crookery. I recall that several years ago, Clay County, Kentucky, was knee-deep in political corruption and kangaroo court practices. Most people believed those powerful men could not be touched by the law. On July 9, 2009, the Clay County Circuit Court Judge, Cletus Maricle, Clay County School Superintendent Doug Adams, Clay County Clerk Freddy W. Thompson, and Clay County election officer William Stivers, as well as other Clay County officials, were named in a 13-count federal indictment. The indictment included Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act) charges relating to a county-wide vote-buying scheme which allegedly occurred from 2002 until 2007. The four aforementioned officials, as well as other defendants, were ultimately convicted of the charges per a plea agreement with the US Attorney’s office. Although the sentences handed down did not result in prison time, the ordeal ruined the men in the political arena.

Like the officials in Laurel County, the Clay County politicians were being far too bold and arrogant in their corrupt schemes. Their collective disregard for discreteness ultimately led to their demise. I’m no fortune teller, clairvoyant or divine seer, but I have a hunch that several of the top elected officials in Laurel County will likewise be named in a federal indictment sometime within the next two years. Good riddance is my position on it.

In true accord, I hope they get railroaded.


Full article from The Gleaner here

and here


George H.W. Bush and the attempted assassination of Reagan: CIA source corroborates Roger Stone story

In Roger Stone’s book Jeb! and The Bush Crime Family, and in an interview with Rich Zeoli of 1210 WPHT, Roger Stone states he believes George H.W. Bush was behind the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan, because Reagan was detrimental to Bush’s goal of furthering a one world government:

“Al Haig, Reagan’s Secretary of State and Vice President George Bush are fighting over control of foreign policy. George ‘Poppy’ Bush is for the ‘New World Order.’ Haig has the quaint notion that he’s Reagan’s man. This is supposed to be Reagan’s foreign policy, more conservative than what Bush wants. There are two different executive orders sitting on Reagan’s desk. One giving authority to Haig. One giving authority to Bush…Then there’s an assassination attempt on Reagan and he comes back, three days into his hospital stay he signs the order putting George Bush in charge of the machinery.”

The CIA contractor who provided valuable insight on Vance Mills, Jimmy Renfro, Johnny Asher, the Shacklefords and other players in the Bluegrass Conspiracy, knew President Reagan personally. In our March 2019 conversation, he told me this story about Reagan’s assassination:

“I was on Reagan’s task force, I was on a senatorial advisory board, under Reagan. I know too much…I know so much, you know how much I know right now, it’s just a fraction of what I know.

“At Scripps is where they program and reprogram all CIA agents in California, and that’s where they reprogrammed Reagan.

“Now you know that H.W. Bush was at Hinckley’s father’s home when Reagan was shot, don’t you? It’s not real common [knowledge] but it was pretty well known…

“I was flying from Dulles to…Knoxville and I was talking to an engineer, and we landed at either Memphis or Nashville, and the plane had just set down, and I was talking to this engineer who was building that Nissin plant there, we were having a friendly conversation, and the nose of the plane sat down and the pilot came on and said ‘Reagan has just been assassinated. Reagan’s been shot.’ And my first words were, ‘That S.O.B.!’

“That engineer climbed up and hit me. I grabbed ahold of him and said ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute.’ He said, ‘Nobody calls Reagan an S.O.B.’ I said ‘I’m not talking about Reagan. I’m talking about Bush.’ It was common knowledge through The Group [that Bush wanted Reagan gone].

“They had to break it up, the stewardesses. That engineer wanted to do me in. So anyway, when we got to Knoxville, if I remember right it was the Knoxville Sentinel newspaper and they had what I’m telling you on the headline of the paper [that H.W. Bush was at Hinckley’s father’s home when Reagan was shot].

“Baker then picked all those newspapers, he had the governor told, he said ‘Pick up all those newspapers.’

“Reagan, he was put in Scripps; that was where they could program or reprogram. You know the stress of CIA agents, if you can’t make it back in society you don’t see the light of day. It’s like our troops coming back from Iraq and stuff like that: they’ll get rid of you or else you do what they want you to.”

The attempt on Reagan’s life symbolized a transfer of power, thrusting America and the world closer to the goal of a one world government.

It was around this same time period, the 1980s, that I believe an acquisition of the secret facilities at Cumberland Gap became an important part of their plan.

Tennessee Fireworks Explosions: Many Questions Remain







Update October 3: 2023- I think I understand why I am having a hard time grasping the different faces of John Gill…am I dealing with two John Gills- a I and II? A father and son?

Happily ever after: Betty Carnes and Vance Mills- fake deaths, fresh start?

In an interview given to Partin’s attorney Clay Bedford, one of Betty Carnes’ coworkers gives a glimpse into Betty’s romantic life in the days leading up to her disappearance:

“‘There’s a man that I’ve went out with a couple of times that his wife–might have found out,’ and [Betty] said, ‘I think maybe she might’ve put that out there wrote that on there’ but [Betty] said ‘I don’t know’–”

Betty had a new boyfriend.

“But she didn’t name no names.”

Was that boyfriend Vance Mills?

Vance and Betty surely would have known each other, given Betty and Judy Smith’s close friendship, and the fact Judy’s husband Donnie was dealing the drugs Vance was regularly flying in from Mexico.

A “cast of characters” drawn up by another of Betty’s coworkers discussed Betty and Judy’s friendship:

Were Betty and Judy flying to their exotic shopping destinations via Vance Mills’ “Friendly Skies”? Remember, Vance was the owner of two aircraft: an MU-2 jet and a twin engine Cessna:


We know Vance was married. Vance was not a faithful husband. He enjoyed the company of other women. It earned him a sexual harassment suit at one point. And most knew about his longtime girlfriend, C. B.

A person with ties to Vance’s long term girlfriend disclosed she was often harassed and mentally tortured by a member of Vance’s family. More than once, Vance had to replace the girlfriend’s car when the family member’s jealous rage was expressed without restraint upon the vehicle.

It sounds reminiscent of the problems Betty had started having: her car was vandalized more than once. Harassing ads had been placed in the newspaper. She started receiving upsetting, anonymous typed letters.

A new, mysterious boyfriend. The flights to exotic shopping locales. Another work friend mentioned how Betty seemed to have more money than what her job could afford her. Vance was a millionaire; Betty was already running in his circle. It is not a stretch to ask if they became involved.

A year and a half after Betty’s disappearance, on the evening of April 28, 1995, Vance Mills was allegedly killed in a car wreck . Jimmy Renfro, Vance’s close friend and business partner, was the driver. There is a reason I say “allegedly killed:” if evidence points that Betty Carnes could not have been the body in the barrel at Tremco, who’s to say that was really Vance Mills in that car wreck? Bodies were plentiful when you were involved in the nursing home business, and your friends owned nursing homes and funeral parlors, too.

I find the wreck suspicious. Why was Jimmy driving Vance’s car? More importantly, why does the social security death index list Vance’s date of death the 15th of April, thirteen days before the actual wreck that was supposed to have claimed his life?

This many “errors” surrounding the deaths of both Vance Mills and Betty Carnes seems unlikely and suspicious.(See “Depraved Indifference Part 2: the autopsy of Betty Carnes- or was it?”) Imagine being in neck-deep with the cartel, and you discover one of your partners (Donnie Baker) had turned on you and was now working with Tom Handy (the full capacity in which Donnie Baker was partnering with Handy is not known, but sources indicate a link between the Handy household and Baker’s illegal enterprises.)

How far might someone go to start a new life, on a new continent, with a new love, surrounded by sea and sun instead of prison bars, or worse, six feet of cold dirt?