“…it would probably take days and days and days of all the stuff that went on. I know the federal judge back there, when they, with the sheriff and all them, you know, everybody, like you said, there was instant justice. Jimmy Renfro had bodyguards on him. He had a guy named Max, I can’t remember Max’s last name, at the time, that killed four or five people for him, crap like that.

All the judges and everything was all in, all in it. I remember, they had a trial, they had a trial and they went up to Louisville with the trial, and the judge, the federal judge said if he had his way about it, that he would take Bell County and fence it off and make it all one federal prison it was so bad.” (excerpt from 2019 interview with former CIA contractor and colleague of Jim Renfro and John Asher)

April 16, 1988 Courier-Journal
March 31, 1989 Lexington Herald-Leader
Curley was a petty criminal, not a murderer.
July 23, 1988 Lexington Herald-Leader

“Handy used to have a bodyguard, and it was rumored that Handy ordered him to kill an ex-convict who had served his time and was released from prison and whom Handy felt threatened by. I can’t remember the man’s name, but he drowned in Laurel Lake and it was ruled an accident even though the man had no history of fishing or swimming there.” (confidential source, 2016)

G.M.C. II is allegedly deceased.