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Door in ground with air pipes and radio antenna surrounded by barb wire fence
Entrance to underground facility near Middlesboro, Kentucky. Signs say “Tampering with this equipment is a federal crime.” Note the air pipes coming out of the ground.

In search of: copy of the Bluegrass Conspiracy thread(s) from the now-defunct Topix. If you have any hard or electronic copies of this or related threads (i.e. disappearance of Melanie Flynn, murder of Rebecca Moore, ect.) please contact me at everybodyhatescharlie@yahoo.com.


I did not believe in conspiracy theories. I thought people that espoused them were mentally ill. (I’m sorry!) But since I moved to the electric area that comprises east Tennessee, southeast Kentucky and southwest Virginia, I’ve started to change my mind.

I have lived here three years. In that time I’ve met a lot of kids who have been told a parent is going to die. The average prognosis is 10 years or less: the kids know the chance of that parent seeing them graduate are slim.

Then I discovered the Department of Defense sponsored a lung cancer study just for southeast Kentucky. Apparently, even though our smoking habits and eating habits are the same as the rest of the state, our cancer rates are inexplicably, significantly higher. I became even more intrigued when I heard epidemiologists from Oak Ridge were beginning their own study.

There is a lot of speculation about Cumberland Gap Tunnel, which is warranted: the officials brought it on themselves. Instead of being transparent to the public about their intentions and allowing the public to tour the facility, they treat the tunnel as if it were a terrorist target. In comparison, the last time you went through the tunnel on I-40 in North Carolina or the tunnels on I-77 in West Virginia- did you see any command posts, dozens upon dozens of security cameras or hazmat escorts? No.

In addition to the tunnel conspiracy, there are many reports in the area about military activity in general. Sightings of V-22 Ospreys are a common occurrence. A good friend and colleague (who I hope will join me on this blog) has indicated there have been reports of military conveys filing through places like Speedwell, Tennessee and Arthur, Tennessee in the dead of night. These convoys of flatbed military tractor trailers appear to be carrying wood coffins around the times of 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. The amount of coffin-looking boxes being shipped are staggering, and the witnesses that have seen these caravans are scared.


Have you seen something that just doesn’t look right? Please consider contributing. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Comments are welcome at the end of each blog post or you may contact me privately at everybodyhatescharlie at yahoo.

This blog is dedicated to my investigative heros, Gary Webb and Danny Casolaro:

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13

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  1. I came across your blog, totally by accident. I was searching for information related to laws requiring hazmat stops on underground tunnels. With the recent opening/relaxing the requirement due to the increase in traffic flow.

    Having been born and reared here, this information intrigues me. I am an amateur history student of the Cumberland Gap and would like to receive your blog on a regular basis.

    You present data that is really eye opening…..especially re: higher cancer rates. Reminds me of reporter Walt Johnson’s articles in the Middlesboro Daily News in the mid-70’s. The conclusion being (at the time) radon gas.

    Interesting theories for certain!

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