The Pardon of Delmar Partin by Governor Bevin and the legacy of Karen Caldwell, former U.S. attorney

I received the most unexpected news last night, messages started flooding in about 7:30 EST: “Delmar has been pardoned!” It was a surreal moment, one I truthfully had not been expecting. It was when I read the words, “unconditional pardon” that I broke down in tears.

We would not be here today if Karen Caldwell, current Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky had done her job properly as U.S. attorney, in charge of prosecuting crimes under Operation Crabgrass.

Countless lives have been destroyed by Caldwell declining to pursue any more prosecutions after Tom O’Dell Smith. Karen Caldwell knew the depth of depravity this organization was willing to go to, and she allowed them to continue on, unabated.

I fully believe a large portion of the missing persons in the country are not in fact, being trafficked, at least not alive; I believe their bodies are being used for the shipment of drugs. If Karen Caldwell had done her job as U.S. Attorney, maybe this phenomenon would not have spread like a cancer over the last three decades. Karen Caldwell knows the wealth, the prominence, the political ties of those involved. Karen Caldwell should resign and repent for her role in permitting this evil to spread.

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