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I can’t explain why I am led down the paths I am, but I am blessed to have the time and means to explore some of the winding ways. I reluctantly understand I can’t possibly explore them all.

There is a war waging around us. A war between good and evil: humanity versus the Deep State. Kentucky’s been lost in the struggle. That’s why Delmar Partin rots in prison, a casualty of the battleground where these two forces collide. I know organized crime was behind the murder of Betty Carnes, the fruit of over two and half years of research and interviews. I know this group has been permitted to operate, unabated, for going on forty years, if not longer, with the blessing of prosecutors and law enforcement alike. How this happened is simple: once reputable law enforcement agencies were compromised by the infiltration of these bad guys into their ranks.

Due to these compromised officials, the lack of oversight and regulation, and the ability to hide underground in spaces that can rival the size of a small city, Kentucky, and the bordering regions of southwest Virginia and east Tennessee have become hallowed ground for the relationship between the Deep State and organized crime: Murder, Inc.

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  1. As a retired trucker i can tell you that they want haz mat loads to use other route is what didgital sign means. Chemicals. Fuel ect w haz mat placards.

  2. He was just pardoned by Gov Bevin! I don’t know him personally but there was definitely lots of doubt to be had in that case! I’m glad he’s now a free man…or will be soon!

  3. You have so much access to info the police didn’t, and have read all the stuff they didn’t release. You “figured it out” and yet go about describing none of your thought process, instead this meaningless post full of buzzwords and mafia connections?

    You sound like a #ucking idiot.

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